PT Solindo Duta Convex

Solindo Duta Convex is a professional event organizer, established since 1998 and sited its headquarter in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Over the year, Solindo Duta Convex has generated an impressive track record of events nationwide. Solindo Duta Convex has conducted over 200 exhibitions in Jakarta and other cities of Indonesia. Over 1000 exhibitors every year – including some foreign guests – have exhibited and successfully promoted their products. Year after year, Solindo Duta Convex has been earning the reputation of “a reliable business partner” while strengthening its initial success by building the so-called “level of exhibition culture” in the country.

To become a professional company that specialized in Meeting, Incentive, Convention and Exhibition with bring satisfaction for every Share Holders and Stake Holders.


Exhibitoner package for Meeting, Incentive, Convention and Exhibition ( MICE ) for professional works in regional to national scale, and also become a best solutions for promotions trade, services and travel.


Solindo Duta Convex brings you the ultimate services just only for your exhibition. We built exhibition from scratchs with concept and all the thing that included, such as design, development, promotions, etc. Our services for all customer that join us became successfull in our exhibition and that’s our priority concern. We will try our best to support every customer to their best, from transportation to accomodation in place that exhibition occurs.

Solindo Duta Convex build tremendous event through the year. We built an event from around Indonesia and foreign country such as Singapore and Malaysia. In Indonesia we built exhibition is several places such as padang, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Batam Expo, Sriwijaya Expo and many more, please check our past and upcoming event to see our detail track record. In Foreign Country mostly we built exhibition in singapore and some in malaysia, but other country such as South Africa is also possible, please check our current event to see the detail of our event that’s on progress.